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Yvonne Ackley

Workshops & Class Series:  At Your Location Or In My Home Studio

About Workshops & Class Series

Held at your location or my home studio, personal growth or empowerment workshops and class series are for anyone interested in making positive changes in ANY area of your life.

  • Open yourself up to what you really want to do and and be in your own life.

  • Gain practical tools and techniques to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

  • Recognize what makes you feel good and alive and how to incorporate these things into your daily life. 

  • Walk away loving yourself just a little more or for the very first time! 

  • Together, we can find ways for you to enjoy your life more,find more time for what makes you feel alive, and create inner peace and calm.

  • NEW coming in the Fall: Find Peace From Within Workshop!

Mindfulness, Meditation and Movement: The 3M's of Relaxation

Are you ready to shake off the stress and commit to having more fun in your daily life? If so, this workshop is for you!


Through this three-week online workshop you will learn practical ways to manage your daily stress, and appreciate all of the great things happening in your life. Each week, we will discuss a relaxation technique, do activities built for you, and determine how you can personally and specifically incorporate it into your daily life. All you need to get started is a computer and internet access.


Ready to get started? 

You've taken care of everyone else, now it's time to gift yourself! $50.00 for the three week session.

It's All About You - ​Create the Life You Deserve

Research shows that what we think about and talk about is what our lives become. Through this six-week class series, you will see that deliberate positive thinking can assist you in creating the life you want.

Based on the work of Louise Hay's, "You Can Heal Your Life," we’ll talk about how to drop negative self talk and  embrace positive, life affirming thoughts as simple as “I'm OK" or one of my personal favorites, “I am open and receptive to all good in my Life.”

You'll light up when you discover how to put a positive thinking approach into practice and feel better about yourself.

Through this six-week class series you will learn to:

  • Love yourself and others more fully

  • Release negative emotions that block your joy

  • Participate in yoga stretches and movement-the most important factor toward healthy aging.

  • Learn  how to practice Relaxation and Meditation, allowing you to create inner peace and calm. 

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Future Workshops

Create a Wonderful 2017 Workshop

Another year has gone by are you feeling healthy and happy?
Would you like to commit to having more fun in the New Year? 
Learning how to embrace change and love yourself more in
​this workshop.


(3 Hour Workshop)

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Questions? Contact me below:

" This workshop was fun, relaxing, informational and most of all made me realize I need to take care of Me.  It was a wonderful experience! 
- B. LaRose, Sidney  

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