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Transforming lives through yoga.

Transforming lives through Yoga

Transform we hear that word used a lot lately. Transform, to me it means to change.

Can a yoga practice change you, I think it can!

I believe we can transform our lives through a Yoga practice, one Yoga practice at a time. How do our lives change through yoga and how does this benefit us?

I believe the number one thing that makes a yoga practice so powerful so transformational is the BREATH. Tapping into and becoming aware of your breathing and the deep connection that breath is Life.

Deep conscious breathing throughout your practice changes your physical and mental being. The breath is the bridge, the link between our bodies and minds and it’s so important to discovering who we really are and what we desire. By that I mean who is the person on the mat? Discovering who we are, listening to the true self is a big part of an ongoing yoga practice. The breath helps link us to our true self.

BEING PRESENT for yourself during your yoga practice. We become our best friends while we are being present for ourselves. When we are just being, with no distractions, we can feel gratitude for our life. Leaving any concerns or expectations at the door while you are practicing yoga helps you to relax and listen to the true self.

STRONG BODIES and increased flexibility through a yoga practice. Flexibility is very unique to each person. We do not need to be able to balance on our heads or twist ourselves into different stretches to be flexibility. Increased flexibility comes to everyone at their own pace through their yoga practice. Increased flexibility of not only the body but the mind as well. Yoga helps us to open up to new possibilities in our lives. Maybe your life is good and safe as it is, but if we could open ourselves up to new ways of thinking and being perhaps it could be even better!

One of the biggest rewards of a yoga practice is the sense of peace and calm, a knowing that everything is OK. What a beautiful way to feel, energized yet relaxed.

Right now if you’d like: Stand up Inhale your arms straight up towards the sky, breathe in and out. Slowly lower arms along side of your body. Try this a few times- Standing tall in Mountain Pose, and just notice how you feel.

To your wonderful health,

Yvonne Ackley

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